Property staging to sell case study

“I have a 2 bed 2 bath room flat that needs to go on the market and sell quickly at a good price!”

This was my brief when I met my customer after he called me to come and have a look at his property. I was in luck with both property and owner. They were both nice. The owner decided to move out and stay in a rental accommodation so Interior Design Stirling could take the keys and stage the property making it ready to be valued and to go on the market. We agreed on 14 days.

Property staging to sell

First we decided on who was likely to buy the apartment and within what price range it would be marketed. After this we inspected the flat for flaws and selling points. We quickly found them and so our journey began.

We started by getting rid of all the personal belongings of the owner so we could start fresh. We left the basics as the beds, sofa’s, a coffee table and 3 barstools. Other than that the flat was completely empty.

As the flat had a clean neutral carpet and white painted walls we were set to go straight away without having to repaint and replace carpets. These are the basics and can be very off-putting when buyers are looking at the online presentation and see your property for the first time. As buyers make up their minds within seconds to view or not to view you will understand the importance of neutral colours. Most buyers can’t see themselves living in a place when being distracted by patterned carpets and lots of colourful walls. Personal clutter is another distraction.

It is all about selling a lifestyle; the buyer needs to be attracted to the lifestyle your property presents. They need to make that emotional connection. No better way to do this by staging and accessorising the place so buyers can fall in love with it and picture themselves living and entertaining there..

With this particularly property we achieved just that!

We choose for a fresh looking, clean and contemporary looking style that would suit both a male and female professional or a couple as these where the most likely buyers.

We kept it fresh & simple but made sure to add the right amount off pizazz using neutral furniture, curtains and bedding with a splash off coordinated coloured accessories. These all together created the WOW factor for the viewers. From day one on the market the flat attracted lots a potential buyers. When closing day arrived they all put in a bid.

After staging the apartment the estate agent valued it and it was put on the market at offers over £. 169.000. Valuation came in a £170.00 with a maximum of £175.000.

Design fee and staging cost including rental fee came in at £1.695

On closing day, within 3 weeks of being on the market the owner accepted a bid of £185.000!

Needless to say: happy owner, happy estate agent and a very happy Interior Design Stirling!