What are buyers looking for that makes them fall in love with your property?

What has love got to do with buying a house?


Location, location, location…. Yes but:

Once buyers picture themselves in a certain area and find a particular property that they could potentially call HOME, love does the rest.

In a research by conveyancer My Home Move was found that 56 per cent of buyers make their final decision based on whether they have fallen in love with the property.

So what are buyers looking for that makes them fall in love with a property?

When selling your home, the styling and marketing should all be about that first impression. With more than 98% of buyers clicking on to the internet in search for their new dream home, the first few seconds has become make or break! You only have one chance to make that first impression.

First impression counts!

Statistically, you have just eight seconds for potential buyers to fall in love with your home and creating the right feel.

At this point people aren’t looking for floor plans and taking in all the details. They are after the right ‘feel’ which can only be created through aesthetics, ambience and presentation.

Think back to when you bought your house, what gave you that feeling of 'coming home' ?

Choosing colour

Start by making sure the colour palette of your home appeals to most buyers. Inoffensive and neutrals are best.

White, off-white, cream, grey and taupe on walls and floors are very good to work with. When creating a focal point or feature wall choose your colours carefully. Make sure the space will feel fresh & open.


Warm welcoming light is key! Natural light is best.

Open windows, push back blinds, and if there is less natural light make sure to turn on all ceiling lights, table and floor lamps. Mirrors and white walls can help to reflect the light and will give a larger feel to the rooms.

Finishing touches

The most important thing  to create a “feel” is done by the clever styling of the property. Using all sorts of different textures and finishes, from soft furnishings and floor rugs to throws. Using curtains that let the light come through for a light and airy feel. Beautiful bedding, cushions for a hint of colour and some neutral artwork go a long way.

These little things will make a buyer fall in love with your home.

Don't make it personal

Personal pictures & clutter can distract buyers when looking at your home. When selling your home it should appeal to the target audience. They must be able to see themselves living in your home. Create a lifestyle that your buyers are looking for.

Call in the pros!

Buyers are looking for a property that represents the lifestyle they are after and that feels like that they can move in straight away. So do fix and ty up those loose ends. A leaking tap and uncut grass are a no-no. Making your property standing out from the crowd can be done by its immaculate way of presenting it. For this you can get a Professional Home Stager in. It will make all the difference and it will be money well spent. Consider it as an investment as it will appeal to more buyers and will result in better offers as you give people less to negotiate.

Professional photography

Make sure that when your property is styled to perfection the next step is your online presentation. This is your one chance the make that first impression! Don’t try to save money here.

Viewing day

This is the day your property will live up to the expectations of that first impression online.

Your buyers will fall in love with your home!