Home Staging

In property home staging to sell, the emphasises is on the sale of the property. In the current housing market in which a digital sales presentation of your home is indispensable, photos, video, layouts and good descriptions of your home on websites such as Rightmove and Social Media are needed to bring your house to the attention and to be found.

Home Staging to sell

Where in home styling we design a scheme for you living in the house, in home staging we make the house attractive for the most likely buyer of your house. In fact we make your home 'a sellable house' tailored to the target group such as starters, singles, two earners, families, seniors...etc. A property stylist is a specialist in the field of housing presentation for sale with only one purpose: presenting your home in such a way that a quick sale follows.


TV programs often show complete makeovers to sell a house. It gives the impression that it is always necessary to change your whole house. That is certainly not the case. A good property stylist will always try to optimise a sales presentation at the lowest possible cost. Home staging is a real cooperation between the seller and the home stylist. Sound advice is the first step. Often there are things you can easily do yourself to save costs but sometimes outsourcing is a better way and will give a more professional result. You can declutter your house and tidy your garden but if you are not very good with a paintbrush you'd be better getting a professional in. The final step and the finishing touch is styling the property. Choosing the right furniture and accessories are very important to optimise the space and to make it a buyers dream. Last but not least, the estate agent or the stylist will get a professional photographer in that will get you optimal results when it comes to the presentation of your house. My advice: Take the time to make your home 'sale ready '. Turn to a property stylist to stage your house and use a focused plan to get an optimal home presentation and give buyers fewer negotiating points. A relatively small investment that actually generates money. 

Don't confuse the power of both areas of expertise

What if you have decorated your house using an home stylist? Surely you don't need a property stylist anymore if you are going to sell your house? I understand the rationale, but please let me explain to which points it can go 'wrong' in the sales presentation. The power of an home stylist is the ability to create an interior tailored to your personal wishes and personal taste. The strength of a property stylist is to make your house less personal and less sensitive with seemingly minimal interventions, and to emphasise the details that are important, so that your house will stand out from the competition in the market and the right target group.

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